$10,000 Mystery Button Money Box! *ONLY 1 BUTTON WINS GRAND PRIZE*

Published on Jun 11, 2021
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This is the $10,000 mystery button money box! Only 1 will let you win the grand prize! Can Jeffrey face all of the hilarious challenges and find the $10,000 grand prize, or will he lose it all! This is a funny new game show where the chances are slim but the reward is high! Also in this video is a GIANT 6ft soccer ball, fun pranks, and a hilarious try not to laugh game. Will jeff escape this unbreakable money box of fun and embarrassment? What other crazy hidden challenges await him? This is going to be epic! This challenge is based off the 100 mystery button and 1000 mystery button box challenges with a brand new twist no USflowr has thought of..

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    Dangie Bros

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    If you would like to support children in need you can donate to Children’s Hunger Fund by clicking the link in the description! :)

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