$10 vs $1000 Invisible Camouflage! *BUDGET CHALLENGE*

Published on Jul 2, 2021
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We created EPIC ways to hide in plain sight, right under peoples nose and they don't even realize! This budget challenge we will see who can created the best way to hide in hide and seek using different budgets! $10, $500, and $1000! These hiding spots are such hacks! So good these might be the best hiding spots in the world! This is certainly a way to cheat in hide and seek. If Josh can find us in time then he will win money for each brother that he finds! Ever heard of 100 layer mannequins?







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Dangie Bros
  • Dangie Bros

    Dangie Bros

    Month ago

    Download and play The Battle Cats for free! Check out awesome summer events happening NOW: https://app.adjust.com/f7gvg4n

    • The under dog

      The under dog

      20 hours ago

      Ok I will tap the link love your channel

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      Kipper Carlson

      2 days ago

      Shut up spammer

    • Omar slayer

      Omar slayer

      3 days ago

      Do you know they’.Dangie. Bros I like your videos are really really cool

    • Jackie Hanly

      Jackie Hanly

      4 days ago

      Looking at your rrrr Tycoon

    • Creepers 5435

      Creepers 5435

      7 days ago

      I never thought I would see the day that this channel would be sponsored by my favorite side-scrolling action game.

  • Angus Fizer

    Angus Fizer

    2 hours ago

    “Hopefully this doesn’t destroy the integrity of the couch” - Chris 2021

  • The prop

    The prop

    6 hours ago

    2 of jeffs men didnt have captions

  • Ash Hanna

    Ash Hanna

    14 hours ago

    Why wouldn’t you break your couch😬

  • Vatcharit Ketsapapol

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  • Daniel Gallo

    Daniel Gallo

    15 hours ago

    Jeff: I'm gonna be a mannequin.
    Chris: I'm gonna be a couch.
    Ryan: Be the dirt, be the dirt.
    Good job Ryan. You were one with nature

  • Aplayz1


    17 hours ago

    Why does chris say in plain sight challenge but the title is invisible camo challenge

  • Luis Villalpando

    Luis Villalpando

    17 hours ago

    I love the battle cats

  • jhonyjhony mayor

    jhonyjhony mayor

    18 hours ago

    Ten dollars for the win

  • Cristallyn Murrell

    Cristallyn Murrell

    20 hours ago

    Who's your favorite Danji Bro everyone .

  • Cristallyn Murrell

    Cristallyn Murrell

    20 hours ago

    My name is EVi and I am an eight year old and I love your videos and I love y'all bless you and Emily bear Chris Jeff jill and all the Danji Bros and baby Wesley we love you signed the Campbell's

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    Hannah Gibbons

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  • lil boi

    lil boi

    22 hours ago

    this whole video is just them becoming inanimate objects

  • Wendell Arthur

    Wendell Arthur

    23 hours ago

    It would be funny if the seeker stepped on hider face

  • Crime Survivor

    Crime Survivor

    Day ago

    I'm blue :D

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    BeBe Box !

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    The Redemptions

    Day ago

    R.I.P. rob

  • Olivia D

    Olivia D

    Day ago

    Wow guess the lowest budget for camouflage can still win lol

  • PG13


    Day ago

    I’m king mine

  • Roblox aesthetic

    Roblox aesthetic

    Day ago

    I love how Chris was willing to pant his face blue !

    • Lattrel Sebastian Santos

      Lattrel Sebastian Santos

      13 hours ago

      Correction Paint*

  • Nehemiah Rico

    Nehemiah Rico

    Day ago

    I have battle cats

  • Roger Jogers

    Roger Jogers

    Day ago

    17:10 hahahahah

  • drwind_d


    2 days ago

    you guys are INSANE!! i like the way you think.

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    Lance Tagulao

    2 days ago

    Im blueee

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    2 days ago

    Am green Layla beebda lala bee lalala by lalal by am green lala beedda lala bee lalala by

  • 2 days ago

    So much at the name better be

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    Hey I want you to take out my day I got so much videos take out my video is so sick so so can you get my video are you down but I got a stick with beer but you punk you I would but you have a cute they’re going to pour the pill you

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    SnowlyNut HazleNut

    2 days ago

    I have the battle cats and the burglar cats

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    3 days ago

    Lol 9:51

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    I even play battle cats! first sponsor I seen from it

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    3 days ago

    Insane!!!!!! Cool video

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    New subscriber

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    stephen curtis

    3 days ago

    When Jeff was hiding I legit thought he was not really I was like where is he

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    Erick Argueta

    4 days ago

    I love battle cats

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    Jaime Pickett

    4 days ago

    Super cool

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    Adam E

    4 days ago

    I love battle cats!!!!!!

  • 🤨say are you my baka 👹

    🤨say are you my baka 👹

    4 days ago

    Imagine a moving manikin , dirt with a face and a couch with a face thats painted blue-

  • Joel Lopez

    Joel Lopez

    4 days ago

    2:23 lava dee Dora die lava didaba die this is my favrot song

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    Jake lightner

    5 days ago

    Love your vids

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    Matthew Colon

    5 days ago

    Rob should be in the video

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    Hamza Hamza

    5 days ago

    You sound like mr beast

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    Plum Pat

    5 days ago

    I like Jeff the most

  • Plum Pat

    Plum Pat

    5 days ago

    I love this

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    Yudha 123

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  • Luisa Santos

    Luisa Santos

    5 days ago

    good game but i played this game bruh and i have 99347 cat food

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    Brayhan Diaz-Martinez

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    Jeff became mrbeast

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      Ryan died

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    PTP Racing

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    Zak Panayiotou

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    Makenna. M

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      PinkLuca 3653

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    Chloe Young

    6 days ago

    anyone wondering what happned to rob?

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    Carly Lowe

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    6 days ago

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    Lloydicia Archer

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    Skylar Kleinsasser

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    Steven Schutz

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    Ayan And Azhaan

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    pause it at this time : 5:09

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    Gina Rodrigues

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    Marty Dunn

    7 days ago

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  • One_of_the_fam


    7 days ago

    Lowest budget, biggest brain

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    BasicART For kids

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    hamburger 1000

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    Rebecca Garcia

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  • Døğģý and DESTRUCTION Lovers channel.

    Døğģý and DESTRUCTION Lovers channel.

    8 days ago

    Ryan just proved to us the best disguise is dirt, glue and a $10 hand me downs.

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    Alex Aguirre

    8 days ago

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    Candace Van Dyke

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    The Life of Katelyn K

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    Memorious Moments Photobooth

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    Salvador Bustamante

    9 days ago

    For some reason Jeff’s costume makes me wanna have something like it for Halloween since it’s about three or two months until Halloween lol.

  • Madison McGhee

    Madison McGhee

    9 days ago

    Chris Your Hair Looks Just Like Lebron James In Space Jame The Old One

    • Madison McGhee

      Madison McGhee

      9 days ago

      Ps Ps I Was Just Trolling For A Yt Video If I Hurt Any Of Your Feellings Im So So Sorry And You Guys Look Butiful In Your Own Way :)

  • Spider Hooman

    Spider Hooman

    10 days ago

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    MeGames Android

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    remi osselborn

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    Saydie Larkin

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    I love Ryan's effort! Also when Jeff got all the manicans dressed up and he got himself dressed up, I thought he was an actual manican talking and I was like wait... hold up. Aha, love you guys!

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    Sõiduõppe OÜ

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