Last to Hang from the GIANT Crane Wins! *CHALLENGE*

Published on May 7, 2021
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Are you afraid of heights? We bought two giant cranes and harnessed ourselves in! The player that can face their fears and be lifted the highest wins! Whoever gives up and decides to go back down will lose this epic challenge! Our safety expert will be on set at all times to make sure that this challenge is safe! This is definitely an exciting and thrill seeking challenge! Which Dangie Bro will win in this fun new game show?







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Dangie Bros
  • Dochka Ivanova

    Dochka Ivanova

    3 hours ago

    I like the vid because I hate jeffrey

  • Paulina Achurra

    Paulina Achurra

    22 hours ago


  • Luka Atanasoski

    Luka Atanasoski

    Day ago

    It's not macedon it's Macedonia :(

  • Isabella*-*


    3 days ago

    rob js the shy one honestly 🙈

  • rosiee cortez

    rosiee cortez

    3 days ago

    Your not lonely you have me

  • ALAN07YT


    4 days ago

    02:12 me too

  • B x

    B x

    4 days ago


  • allison


    6 days ago

    Poor Jeffrey 😂

  • Cookie swirlC

    Cookie swirlC

    6 days ago

    Can you do an unbreakable box with the dangle babes

  • Zapdap


    7 days ago

    The first animal is surprisingly FRUIT FLYS

  • Dakota James

    Dakota James

    7 days ago

    The 1st dog launched into space died in space because they never had a plan to bring the dog back

  • Elijah Cook

    Elijah Cook

    8 days ago

    Some old persons Looking out their window thinking what in the heck

  • call of duty black ops 1 wmd

    call of duty black ops 1 wmd

    8 days ago

    I'm sorry to burst your bubble but they was correct the first time it is chimpanzee monkeys fruit flies mice guinea pigs and frog reptile and rabbit last but not least a dog in 1957 9 animals

  • Breanna Bessmer

    Breanna Bessmer

    9 days ago

    I would love to do that

  • Kyler Trouten

    Kyler Trouten

    9 days ago

    Thats wrong the first animal to go to space were fruit flies they may be insects but its still the same no hate

  • john knuckey

    john knuckey

    10 days ago


  • Skidogger


    10 days ago

    Bro human nails are made of chitin

  • Unicorn Power

    Unicorn Power

    10 days ago

    Even I knew the space question it was a German Shepard

  • swagy


    11 days ago

    Jeff is funny😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😹

  • Jeffsam14


    12 days ago

    Poor jeffry

  • Payton Bolton

    Payton Bolton

    13 days ago

    Jeff is dum

  • Fernib


    13 days ago

    I was getting most trivia’s right

  • MrsnuggolesCassieFrankie Loves Animals

    MrsnuggolesCassieFrankie Loves Animals

    13 days ago

    i would not be able to do this i probably die bc my blood pressure is a 59💀

  • Mecha-g


    14 days ago

    Acrophobia alert

  • Marx Piercing 2

    Marx Piercing 2

    15 days ago

    Poor Jeffery

  • Sibling Antics

    Sibling Antics

    15 days ago


  • FAN M1SU

    FAN M1SU

    16 days ago

    he cheated was super down and he was on top of everything

  • FAN M1SU

    FAN M1SU

    16 days ago

    I'm scared of heights

  • dk


    17 days ago


  • Soban Usmani

    Soban Usmani

    18 days ago


  • Addison Wilson

    Addison Wilson

    19 days ago


  • Hansensavage


    20 days ago

    Technically Jeff won because Ryan left it first

  • ツBATO


    20 days ago

    8:30 it's actually Greece

  • Mike Allen

    Mike Allen

    20 days ago

    Its not a crane. It's a boom lift.

  • Shatter Ice

    Shatter Ice

    21 day ago

    Jeff at end:Oww my nuuutttt

  • Katsuki Backugo

    Katsuki Backugo

    21 day ago

    Jeff : NO BRO
    Ryan : Weeeeeeee

  • Anna Banana

    Anna Banana

    21 day ago

    I wonder what happened to rob he just left

  • Darko Bruh

    Darko Bruh

    23 days ago

    It wasn’t a dog! It was a fricking fly on accident

  • Offroad-Outlaws official

    Offroad-Outlaws official

    23 days ago

    What happened to rob, where did he go?

  • kristin davidsson

    kristin davidsson

    23 days ago

    He said what was the first animal to go up to the moon it was an ape

  • Adam Spaceman

    Adam Spaceman

    23 days ago

    i love how they have a golden trash can

  • Sez C

    Sez C

    24 days ago

    Ryan is like im the king of challenges and then Jeff wins a challenge

  • Jayvien Arrisola

    Jayvien Arrisola

    25 days ago

    We're is robert

  • Annaliese Rodkey

    Annaliese Rodkey

    25 days ago

    Where's Rob?, he would've loved this.

    • Papa Rancia

      Papa Rancia

      7 days ago

      Hes doing Music producing, his channel is Broit’sRob, he has like 50k subs

  • Noah Heilman

    Noah Heilman

    25 days ago

    Where’s rob

  • chilledcow _

    chilledcow _

    26 days ago

    Do you think they stage jeff always losing Bc there is no way he always looses

  • zander pahayahay

    zander pahayahay

    26 days ago

    Dangie do u mean pillipine sea

  • icy slushy

    icy slushy

    26 days ago

    this video should be called Jeff abuse Like if you agree

  • 3D G4ming

    3D G4ming

    27 days ago

    Nobody the emo kids

  • KFcoolKidz


    27 days ago

    This should be done with emo’s last to hang wins but I’d be Over in 1 minute (please don’t hate it’s a joke)

  • Best-Gamer ßoys

    Best-Gamer ßoys

    27 days ago

    Por Jeffery only ogs no that

  • Joseph Kramper

    Joseph Kramper

    27 days ago

    you should do the same thing to Chris's wife and same to Jeff's wife

  • Kathy Gunby

    Kathy Gunby

    28 days ago


  • The Kids

    The Kids

    28 days ago

    Haha glizzies thats the weirdest hekkin word ever
    ( watch Tucker Budzyn you'd know why i say Hekk)

  • Nicholas Walker

    Nicholas Walker

    28 days ago

    Rip moustache

  • Alec Foley

    Alec Foley

    29 days ago


  • Water Boy

    Water Boy

    29 days ago

    Were is rob?

  • Aidan McCarthy

    Aidan McCarthy

    Month ago

    No it was a gorilla

  • Melissa Doak

    Melissa Doak

    Month ago


  • Mr. Luke

    Mr. Luke

    Month ago

    5:15 the alarm! I thought it was my alarm!

  • Oliver Moorcroft

    Oliver Moorcroft

    Month ago

    Poor jeffrey

  • Ally Chadwick

    Ally Chadwick

    Month ago

    I need to know where did Rob go he used to be in past video's

  • Lourdes Mirlourdes

    Lourdes Mirlourdes

    Month ago

    My brother did this challenge, just without the cranes, and he also used a rope, and a stool to lift himself up, i guess he joined your channel, because i haven’t seen him since.

    (This is a joke, if you couldn’t already tell.)

  • Robert Lozano

    Robert Lozano

    Month ago

    Who hates heights?

  • Malin Skov Isaksson

    Malin Skov Isaksson

    Month ago

    I want to try it!!!

  • Joshua Mccoy

    Joshua Mccoy

    Month ago

    U already have 60k

    • Joshua Mccoy

      Joshua Mccoy

      Month ago


  • HashSlinging Slasher

    HashSlinging Slasher

    Month ago

    Subbed liked and my favorite part is Jeff is getting punished lol

  • Berti Avenoso

    Berti Avenoso

    Month ago

    The laughable honey systematically hug because prose technologically blot sans a untidy gosling. aloof, receptive daffodil

  • Crystal Joiner

    Crystal Joiner

    Month ago

    I already know that a dog went to the moon

  • Blue Gill Bill

    Blue Gill Bill

    Month ago

    Pooooooooor jeffffrrrrryyyyyyy

  • Smilanoski :D

    Smilanoski :D

    Month ago

    Ur welcome to Macedonia bicuse u know some of ur history :D :D

  • walter matthews

    walter matthews

    Month ago

    That’s not a dog it was a monkey pan pan something I don’t know but you got it wrong it’s not a dog

  • Erika Hains

    Erika Hains

    Month ago

    Loved this video and how it was longer!! I miss their 20min vids

  • Sniping WolfiePlayz

    Sniping WolfiePlayz

    Month ago

    what happend to Robert

  • Hunter Lin

    Hunter Lin

    Month ago

    7:36 i need to correct this humans are considered animals so humans was the first anime on the moon chris

    • Annaliese Rodkey

      Annaliese Rodkey

      25 days ago

      No that is not true first tested it on dogs then monkeys then humans.

  • lizsmith2011


    Month ago

    Great work mate 5th place

  • Bryce Schmitz

    Bryce Schmitz

    Month ago

    we’re is rob

  • Mr chicken gamer

    Mr chicken gamer

    Month ago

    I knew
    The space one

  • Righthandfan


    Month ago

    Rip rob 🪦

  • Carolina Deleon

    Carolina Deleon

    Month ago

    Are you talking about Walter

  • 乂尺ᴀᴢᴇR乂


    Month ago

    *Dangie bros in 2040*
    First one to climb Mount Everest wins 1 million dollars

  • PurplePuma


    Month ago

    Me reading the title before watching it 😅

  • Brooke L.

    Brooke L.

    Month ago

    I love hights

  • SilentCr3ature5


    Month ago

    I want to see having really a lot of fun if I was hanging that tie because well I'm not afraid the height

  • Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez

    Month ago

    it was funny how they were like I need milk when they threw the milk‘s

  • Richard Rodriguez

    Richard Rodriguez

    Month ago


  • Geethika S

    Geethika S

    Month ago

    I love when chris say poor jeffery..... 😘🤩🤫🤫🤫😚☺🙃🙃😎😘🤓

  • Geethika S

    Geethika S

    Month ago

    I knew the answers of every single question that they asked 😆🤣😂😗😚🤫☺🙂🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓😎😎

  • Lazerin Dagneau

    Lazerin Dagneau

    Month ago

    Incorect the first animal sent I to space was a house fly

  • Stop_HammerTime


    Month ago

    Technically Jeff is right
    Nails are made of atoms

  • TheHmangamer


    Month ago

    Humans are animals

  • TheHmangamer


    Month ago

    It’s actually a human

  • debu kundu

    debu kundu

    Month ago

    Laika space dog- i don't want to go space again please jeff
    Jeff-'farts' and says who are you dog???

  • Apex


    Month ago

    They were both right on the orange one, they're both named after the tree

    • Diane Sheafor

      Diane Sheafor

      Month ago

      the tree?

  • Jaron Spierings

    Jaron Spierings

    Month ago

    Jeff why did you loose

  • Kyandre Wright

    Kyandre Wright

    Month ago

    Clinton the fastest than my dad leaving me

  • Tanjiro Kamado

    Tanjiro Kamado

    Month ago


  • Melanie Ramirez

    Melanie Ramirez

    Month ago

    I actually knew that a dog was the fist animal sent to space

  • Sophie Hughes

    Sophie Hughes

    Month ago

    Where’s rob

  • MausMiki


    Month ago