Published on Jun 1, 2021
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We built the worlds tiniest apocalypse weapon and a MASSIVE GIANT apocalypse weapon! Which weapon will destroy the best in our epic destruction obstacle course? Will the GIANT weapon be too heavy, allowing the agility of the tiny weapon to best it? Or will the tiny weapon not be able to break through the fruit and wall obstacles slowing it down.. This will be the most incredible apocalypse race to determine the winner! We were inspired by the tiny vs giant food videos so we created this new fun challenge! Such a fun twist on the game show themes!
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Dangie Bros
  • Jayda the animator

    Jayda the animator

    9 hours ago


  • George K

    George K

    23 hours ago


  • George K

    George K

    23 hours ago


  • Rose river stables

    Rose river stables

    Day ago

    You should of called it shabby log insted of logs tabby it make more sense

  • Sean Waterman

    Sean Waterman

    Day ago

    0:25 LOL

  • Heidi Van der Merwe

    Heidi Van der Merwe

    4 days ago

    Hys n poes

  • Tricky


    4 days ago

    I see 🪟 to car

  • Ingrid Castro

    Ingrid Castro

    5 days ago


  • Rebecca Valverde

    Rebecca Valverde

    5 days ago

    did rob quit

  • xraygamer Killer

    xraygamer Killer

    6 days ago

    I miss robert

  • علي حيدر كاظم

    علي حيدر كاظم

    6 days ago


  • Rose Hobyane

    Rose Hobyane

    7 days ago

    Hahahaha the dinky winky

  • Dangie_fan1


    7 days ago

    I want to buy the dinky winky for $50…

  • lance ortega

    lance ortega

    8 days ago

    their video 15 or 20 burpees nooooooo

    zhc 120 burpees is good

  • Abbilynn Payne

    Abbilynn Payne

    8 days ago

    Bro y u breakin the lego set

  • ADitya sharma

    ADitya sharma

    8 days ago


  • Donald Gilroy

    Donald Gilroy

    9 days ago

    Jeff cheated so Chris wins. Jeff didn't break the watermelon while on the beam so therefore he is disqualified.

  • Christopher Lopez

    Christopher Lopez

    9 days ago

    Show make a video about the car that
    You broke

  • Nightbotシ


    10 days ago

    F*** Y**

  • Dusty Jenkins

    Dusty Jenkins

    11 days ago

    I love you guys and sharp blades

  • Lanzz


    12 days ago

    "Its a sloth... and its ugly"
    *Punches sloth*

    Poke:And i took that personal

  • mia gameing

    mia gameing

    12 days ago

    Thay did not even break open the helmet or the teddy bear.

  • Stacy Coleman

    Stacy Coleman

    13 days ago

    Tiny fav

  • Nathania_Gaming


    14 days ago

    Yeet then someone died

  • Michael Fulkerson

    Michael Fulkerson

    15 days ago

    me being a sloth lover and them saying it ugly

  • Marshmello1 [✖‿✖]

    Marshmello1 [✖‿✖]

    16 days ago

    Why does Chris has to always have a tiny weapon?

  • Maria Boye

    Maria Boye

    16 days ago


  • Isaac Edwards

    Isaac Edwards

    18 days ago

    I love dangie bros

  • JR Wright

    JR Wright

    20 days ago


  • Kaiden Presley

    Kaiden Presley

    21 day ago

    When the watermelon fell I dropped my phone on my 👀

  • Chaitanya Arora

    Chaitanya Arora

    21 day ago

    If Chris didn't do burpees he could win.

  • พีรวัส (Nobel) วิสุทธิ์จิตใจ

    พีรวัส (Nobel) วิสุทธิ์จิตใจ

    22 days ago

    I am a nubnub

  • Avery Dickerson

    Avery Dickerson

    22 days ago

    The only reason giant won is cause chris couldnt do burpes any faster

  • Logan McCord

    Logan McCord

    23 days ago

    hey im not ugly):

  • ShxversEntity


    24 days ago

    Chris' looks remind me of a mix of jake and mrbeast from the mrbeast channel

  • Rocky


    25 days ago

    when Jeff threw the knife I thought it was gonna hit a person and turn out really bad or something ahaha



    26 days ago

    That is the best weapon

  • maxsuel borges

    maxsuel borges

    26 days ago

    oyes tis wathcg doming

  • I am Big noob

    I am Big noob

    26 days ago

    I like how Ryan was a camera man but then after days pass he became one of the dangie bros

  • Jo Hawley

    Jo Hawley

    27 days ago

    I like your weapon chris and I love how you make the best out of what you have

  • Amateur Animator

    Amateur Animator

    27 days ago

    My favourite part was 0:00 to 10:59

  • Angel Flores

    Angel Flores

    28 days ago

    How else misses rob

  • Tomatoboy91 Ketchup

    Tomatoboy91 Ketchup

    29 days ago

    The original king series has been revived

  • niall g11

    niall g11

    29 days ago

    Giant is going to win

  • Maargoth


    Month ago

    its a sloth its ugly
    poke would be sad

  • Brodyn Wilder

    Brodyn Wilder

    Month ago

    Is nobody going to talk about how Chris is not doing burpees he's not even completing the push-ups

  • Michele Accornero

    Michele Accornero

    Month ago

    Jeff never punch a swath again They are my favorite animal

  • Brandi Chandler

    Brandi Chandler

    Month ago

    That name sucks

  • Brandi Chandler

    Brandi Chandler

    Month ago

    Don’t bully the sloth

  • JNW vr !

    JNW vr !

    Month ago

    Chris should of won cause Jeff and Ryan barley even destroyed everything

  • DniS Gmb

    DniS Gmb

    Month ago


  • Yoyo Monster

    Yoyo Monster

    Month ago

    Where is rob?

  • raphy tabaranza

    raphy tabaranza

    Month ago

    When clash Royale gets real

  • Gaming Bros

    Gaming Bros

    Month ago

    All this is mortal Kombat

  • Avijit Bhowmick

    Avijit Bhowmick

    Month ago


  • Thirdie Hacbang

    Thirdie Hacbang

    Month ago

    Hi Im new Just subcribed

  • the wild sideShorts

    the wild sideShorts

    Month ago

    This was unfair

  • E.T adventures

    E.T adventures

    Month ago

    The battery ram is cool but I would of called it the battery stab! Lol

  • I love Cats

    I love Cats

    Month ago


  • brittany Voyles

    brittany Voyles

    Month ago

    you are the best people ever because I like watching your videos and I really cool

  • RyanNgathoGithogori GRADE 2 2020

    RyanNgathoGithogori GRADE 2 2020

    Month ago


  • Worthy Rengade

    Worthy Rengade

    Month ago

    the knife didn't hit the car, he said "follow us on instagram see if that window is broken or not" wich is a way to get followers and an exuse if the window of the car was not hit. (im not hating im only pointing this out)

  • StacksFpv


    Month ago

    jeff this going to be lit IIT LIT

  • Pumpkin Jacket

    Pumpkin Jacket

    Month ago

    In my opinion this challage was not fair for Chrise

  • Carl Johann Bautista

    Carl Johann Bautista

    Month ago

    Jeff Is gonna YEET with his human MEAT while he hits a cars window when chris said SHEESH

  • Charlie Shannon

    Charlie Shannon

    Month ago

    I’m sry I didn’t know rob quit cuz I didn’t see it on Instagram cuz I don’t have insta

  • yo...chathum


    Month ago

    What happened to rob

  • Mr. Evil Floating Head

    Mr. Evil Floating Head

    Month ago

    If an Apocalyse happens you will be ready

  • Candice govender

    Candice govender

    Month ago

    The actual best weapons are the medium ones

  • Dino Lover0930

    Dino Lover0930

    Month ago

    We're the middle size weapons

  • Bristal Finch

    Bristal Finch

    Month ago

    Where is rob in the vidios

  • DraXy Playz

    DraXy Playz

    Month ago

    Chris should have knoced the cindel block off

  • Clash


    Month ago

    im happy that they are bring these builds back but where is rob?

  • Julio Galvan

    Julio Galvan

    Month ago

    were is robert

  • GaaraOfTheSand21


    Month ago

    If I was Chris I would not make it that small

  • Tolu Nitro

    Tolu Nitro

    Month ago

    Where has rob been???



    Month ago

    Yes weapons are back !!!! That got me started I’ve been here since ninja apocalypse weapons 1 I’m so happy

  • Wind Serenity

    Wind Serenity

    Month ago

    Ryan's slaps are so slow that even a watermelon can dodge them

  • Autumn Bryant

    Autumn Bryant

    Month ago

    the window that they hit is deftly BROKEN!!!

  • great blader

    great blader

    Month ago

    Where's robbb

  • Matthew Johnson

    Matthew Johnson

    Month ago

    bigger the weapon the heavier it is to transport, and is most likely to be to used for breaking doors or breaking shields. While the small weapon is going to be easier to transport, and is sometimes easy to break apart but can be concealed quit easily. so my vote is neither i would just roll in like a SWAT man with an OAK BILLY CLUB AND A THICK OAK ROMAN LEGIONARE SHIELD WITH a very cute and tiny tiny gun called the KOLIBRI PISTOL.

  • David Đepić

    David Đepić

    Month ago

    Imal iko iz Bosnneee ako ima napisi u odgovoru

  • Amanda Upton

    Amanda Upton

    Month ago

    TEam CHRIS

  • Owen Pantalleresco

    Owen Pantalleresco

    Month ago

    Hi love your vids

  • Cecelia Owens

    Cecelia Owens

    Month ago

    Where is rob😢😔

  • Mr. Gaming

    Mr. Gaming

    Month ago

    Rip that window ahhh

  • Ileana Ramirez

    Ileana Ramirez

    Month ago

    Chris at the final task looks like when you run out of stamina I a game

  • Khadijah Randolph

    Khadijah Randolph

    Month ago


  • Xxgod 88

    Xxgod 88

    Month ago

    Nice Video🏆🥇🏅

  • Fabiano Culpo

    Fabiano Culpo

    Month ago

    Gr mi mi non è che mi mi non è vero mi mi non è una delle cose non le sopporto proprio che mi non mi ha fatto ✅ mi ha detto che non mi ha fatto mi non è un che non di più non mi hanno detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha detto che nonmi ha fatto La mi ha detto che mi ha detto che non mi
    Mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha detto mi mi non non è un grande mi mi non non mi ha fatto ✅ ha fatto ✅ che mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto detto che non mi ha fatto y nonè mi

  • lizoutlaw78


    Month ago


  • Chunilal Singh Munda

    Chunilal Singh Munda

    Month ago

    Thats known as cheating -_-

  • DragonGamerAndArt


    Month ago

    for the tiny weapon use the knife on one side and have a hammer head on the other side

  • Ty millard

    Ty millard

    Month ago

    Because Chris and Jeff are having a kid I wanted Chris to name he's weapons the dangie binky

  • Maddox hill

    Maddox hill

    Month ago

    How is that black spray paint like that

  • Marinette Dupan Chiang

    Marinette Dupan Chiang

    Month ago

    Your mum

  • Bella A.

    Bella A.

    Month ago

    what happened to rob?

  • Hushukun


    Month ago

    Where’s rob

  • Sanic Heghog

    Sanic Heghog

    Month ago


  • مهند الشهراني507😘

    مهند الشهراني507😘

    Month ago

    احنا شهران العريضه 507 شهران