Tiny vs GIANT Overnight Gaming Forts!

Published on Jun 25, 2021
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We built a tiny overnight gaming fort and a GIANT overnight gaming fort! This is a last to leave challenge to see who can survive spending the night. Chris is very tall and will be super cramped inside the tiny gaming fort while Jeff has all the room he could ever need! What fun game is your favorite? Which tiny house fort do you like the best? This is probably the WORLDS tiniest gaming fort ever.. Chris just won a PS5 which we will start using to play minecraft and fortnite in our future gaming forts! What new gaming fort would you love to see? Let us know in the comments!
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Dangie Bros
  • Franco Minnaar

    Franco Minnaar

    Hour ago

    Where is rob

  • Ebony Wright

    Ebony Wright

    7 hours ago

    at 10:06 you can see why they put Jeff in the big box XD

  • Maddy Elizabeth

    Maddy Elizabeth

    15 hours ago

    Awww my birthday is August 15th that would be awesome if they were born then!

  • Banana Bear

    Banana Bear

    16 hours ago

    5:37 wElCoMe To TiNy PoNg lol 😂

  • T S

    T S

    19 hours ago

    Why does chris always get the tiny boxes

  • Doge Lover

    Doge Lover

    20 hours ago

    Were is rob he has not been in any vids I miss rob😭

  • Jessie Blood

    Jessie Blood

    Day ago

    Noooo they know who dream is ahhhh

  • Ruth Wright

    Ruth Wright

    Day ago

    Jeff was literally throwing a party

  • Siblings Awesomeness

    Siblings Awesomeness

    Day ago

    When he said I’m gonna have to much fun playing pool Alina ahahaha he sounded like willie wonkia

  • The lagging legend 1331

    The lagging legend 1331

    Day ago

    When I head that the babies are do August 7th I got excited because that’s my b-day

  • Kakashi_is_me


    2 days ago

    Gaming forts but bk gaming

  • fun time pop it

    fun time pop it

    2 days ago

    Why is he get the small box?

  • Jacob Partel

    Jacob Partel

    2 days ago

    Too easy

  • Amy Johnson

    Amy Johnson

    2 days ago

    Can you watch this video You're a poop because this place is a piece of poop LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • Charlie_couzens


    3 days ago


  • Dawn Conway

    Dawn Conway

    3 days ago

    Because there funny

  • Dawn Conway

    Dawn Conway

    3 days ago

    The danji bros videos make me happy

  • Janette Boone

    Janette Boone

    3 days ago

    not a single soul:
    the board: WELCOME TO TINY PONG

  • Baby hellClown tricky sub for a meow

    Baby hellClown tricky sub for a meow

    4 days ago

    I saw small flys on the little room

  • Kace Bate Workouts

    Kace Bate Workouts

    4 days ago

    jeff da best

  • MaxsterOP


    5 days ago

    I want my own pc but it is too much money

  • Sarah Hubley (STUDENT)

    Sarah Hubley (STUDENT)

    5 days ago

    Congrats guys! Baby comming soon and I’m so exited for you guys😊

  • lil rusty

    lil rusty

    5 days ago

    12:48 dom torreto?

  • FBI cat studios

    FBI cat studios

    6 days ago

    Jeff I was eating party cheese supreme when u showed u urs :)

  • The J Bro’s

    The J Bro’s

    6 days ago

    Can you guys please bring back rob

  • Carter Himm

    Carter Himm

    7 days ago

    Me having that tiny tv Chris was using the only thing is I have a huge room and tiny tv

  • Katie Magliaro

    Katie Magliaro

    7 days ago

    Jeffery is so hilarious.

  • Evan remixes

    Evan remixes

    7 days ago

    When he said family I taught of fast and furious

  • Matheeos Ibrahim

    Matheeos Ibrahim

    8 days ago

    Chris is taking care of his little brother. Chris gets the small one and jeffry gets the big one. Heart warming.

  • Bruh ______

    Bruh ______

    8 days ago

    Tiny gaming fort like his 🍤

  • MelancholicAL


    9 days ago

    There talking about there babies when I remember them doing videos In there moms backyard like it was yesterday

  • Andrew Luu

    Andrew Luu

    9 days ago

    Me: what the heck

  • Andrew Luu

    Andrew Luu

    9 days ago

    Jeff: elf on the shelf

  • Nooby Julian 2.0

    Nooby Julian 2.0

    9 days ago

    Rename the title to: Jeff throws party while Chris is trying to sleep 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nooby Julian Gaming

    Nooby Julian Gaming

    10 days ago

    Renamed title: Jeff throws party waking up Chris😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sonja Šlander

    Sonja Šlander

    11 days ago


  • ツ꧁{𝗠𝗶̂𝗻𝗵𝗮̀_𝗞_𝗣}꧂


    11 days ago

    Always Chris get Small and Jeff get large😄

  • mellyaj1


    11 days ago

    I hope you guys have some babies gonna make a video for us please please please!!!!!!!

  • Mr. Creeper

    Mr. Creeper

    11 days ago

    Where is Rob?

  • Katelynn Bast

    Katelynn Bast

    11 days ago

    Poor Chris! Hehe!😁😆😅😂😂😂

    Only OGs will know poor Jeffrey and now its poor Chris!

  • Hussain  Cartoon animation and Toca Life

    Hussain Cartoon animation and Toca Life

    11 days ago


  • Regan Kutz

    Regan Kutz

    11 days ago

    I always feel so bad for Chris cause he always gets tiny boxes when he is taller than Jeff, like put Jeff in the tiny box sometimes

  • penny vandygriff

    penny vandygriff

    13 days ago

    My birthday is agust 17 ten days after the babys

  • Miracle N

    Miracle N

    13 days ago

    Now I can say poor Chris :(

  • You clods don’t know what you’re doing

    You clods don’t know what you’re doing

    14 days ago

    During Chris is sleeping Jeff is literally just partying

  • Magdaleno Tirado

    Magdaleno Tirado

    14 days ago

    1:14 LOLLLLLL

  • dania piedra

    dania piedra

    14 days ago

    My uncle is having a baby too in august but idk the date ?

  • Shøah Rin

    Shøah Rin

    14 days ago

    Wait the baby’s are dew August 7th that’s my sisters birthday

  • Michael Lear

    Michael Lear

    14 days ago

    he got the dragons swiched eddyvr and gnf

  • Abraham Felipe

    Abraham Felipe

    15 days ago

    2 am plans

  • @jason vanlaltanpuia(mizo)

    @jason vanlaltanpuia(mizo)

    15 days ago

    10:04 jeff is drunked😂😂

  • Zaheenul Haq

    Zaheenul Haq

    15 days ago

    Need part 2

  • Shawn


    15 days ago


  • Gavinator K

    Gavinator K

    15 days ago

    you should make a gaming chanle

  • waffle_boy 01

    waffle_boy 01

    15 days ago

    George not found? Isnt it one of the boys. Eddie i think it is

  • Shia.Silvestre


    16 days ago

    How did a weak dragon killed a strong dragon?

  • pisit Jitviriyavasin

    pisit Jitviriyavasin

    16 days ago

    funny thing 10:15

  • Meg Cureton

    Meg Cureton

    16 days ago

    Yes someone actually appreciates about DragonCity like me!

  • MegaJester


    16 days ago

    Jeff what happened when you drank the Gatorade

  • Lindsay Balmer

    Lindsay Balmer

    16 days ago

    Jeff oh no there’s holes in my roof
    Me I wonder why



    17 days ago

    Unos cracks

  • Magalie Haché

    Magalie Haché

    17 days ago

    In the tiny id legit feel claustrophobic

  • TaLl ShOrT69

    TaLl ShOrT69

    17 days ago

    Dom toretto:Did you say family ?

  • Aubrey Weeks

    Aubrey Weeks

    18 days ago

    He said he went to grab a stick to kill a spider but where would he get a stick inside his fort he would have to go out side to get a stick

  • Ahmad Farooq

    Ahmad Farooq

    19 days ago

    I love dragon city and I'm a pro

  • Rosaley torres

    Rosaley torres

    19 days ago

    Did rob quit?

  • Mitence Pro

    Mitence Pro

    20 days ago

    I have evriteng on dragon siti

  • Dori Villanueva

    Dori Villanueva

    20 days ago

    When you leave Jeff home for 2 minutes and forgot your wallet and saw that

  • crafty boy

    crafty boy

    20 days ago

    This is literally unfair

  • SolidifiedTBD


    21 day ago

    11:20 Jurassic park 3



    21 day ago

    We miss robby

  • Nohaking12 Reem

    Nohaking12 Reem

    21 day ago

    Chirs: what's going on
    Jeff: woooooooo

  • Slump_Sasuke


    21 day ago

    7:53 😂

  • ZesiroMaximus Williams

    ZesiroMaximus Williams

    21 day ago

    Jellrey is going crazy

  • Mike Castro

    Mike Castro

    22 days ago

    At 1006 it was so funny

  • auzzie kids channel

    auzzie kids channel

    22 days ago

    give chris the big things i feel bad for him

  • Heather Pratt

    Heather Pratt

    22 days ago

    i love dragon city

  • Ggwonder 44

    Ggwonder 44

    22 days ago

    Them: Overnight Gaming fort!!!
    Also them: Doesn’t game in said gaming fort

  • Foxy Paw

    Foxy Paw

    22 days ago

    Chris you did not use you tv

  • Khalifa Almeraikhi

    Khalifa Almeraikhi

    22 days ago

    Bruh what did you just Jeffry

  • Britt Pederson

    Britt Pederson

    22 days ago

    It was a gaming room but they didn’t game

  • Hayleigh Mccraw

    Hayleigh Mccraw

    22 days ago

    my birthday is augast 24

  • Hayleigh Mccraw

    Hayleigh Mccraw

    22 days ago


  • Warboys 007

    Warboys 007

    23 days ago

    I’ve been rewatching videos and can someone tell me where is rob

  • Liam Grogan

    Liam Grogan

    23 days ago

    Ok this is funny sure but it's just a copy of morjstu but ok

  • GregTheWimpyKid Newmen

    GregTheWimpyKid Newmen

    23 days ago


  • Da Soggy Boi

    Da Soggy Boi

    23 days ago

    Is that an earthquake simulator?
    Nope just Jeff using his punching bag

  • Carrie Finley

    Carrie Finley

    23 days ago

    Chris what is your fortnight name and your Brother's please tell me

  • BradyBloxz


    24 days ago

    ''mother natur-''

  • Rosemary Gallegos

    Rosemary Gallegos

    24 days ago

    what is happening with jeff

  • Rosemary Gallegos

    Rosemary Gallegos

    24 days ago

    Jeff: Dancing
    chris: Jeff I'm trying to sleep Stop it
    Jeff: ok keeps dancing

  • Landon Taylor

    Landon Taylor

    24 days ago

    What ever happend to Rob?

  • Glenn Lingayo

    Glenn Lingayo

    24 days ago

    Chris Is Taller Than Jeff

  • Marisol and Daniella

    Marisol and Daniella

    24 days ago

    Jeff is party was lit

  • Igor Aldatov

    Igor Aldatov

    25 days ago

    Jeff is the worst.his always in the big box and chris is steal trying!!!!!

  • Igor Aldatov

    Igor Aldatov

    25 days ago

    We hate jeff! We hate jeff!!!!!!!!!
    Good job chris!

  • Erwyn Gaming ~ILikeMidFightMasses~

    Erwyn Gaming ~ILikeMidFightMasses~

    25 days ago

    The Spongebob Party with jellyfish Got me Like: 10:25

  • CurlyFrys


    26 days ago

    I thought it was funny that Jeff was watching the episode where spongebob kept squidward up all night with that song

  • Thunder Scout66

    Thunder Scout66

    26 days ago

    When Jeff was laughing at 2:24 I lost it Lol 😂

  • miscreation -_-

    miscreation -_-

    26 days ago

    Like George not found shows a picture of eddie’s dragon😂